Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well, It's Thursday, the 30th, I'm at the Denver airport waiting for my flight to SLC. Thought I'd add a few pictures to the blog to entertain myself and any of you that look. I will be spending 2 weeks in Utah, and then unless Lee has to start work sooner in Utah, I'll return to Mo. to help with the move. The company will be mooving us, which makes it much easier. I've already prepared quite a bit, but the place will need to be cleaned well before we are through there. Lee's friend from work, Jim Kale, is renting our place for the next year. Maybe then we'll try again to sell it. Well, here's a picture of Lee with Elder Marston and Elder Struthers. They will be moving out of our house in the next week or so. Elder Struthers was a greeny when he came about 2 months ago. What great young men they are. We've enjoyed sharing our place with them.
I thought you would love to see my second gnome playmat, so check it out above......