Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Fun

We had a very fun halloween. Erick's family had a Halloween party on Friday the 30th. There were games and food and music and prizes. Jessica did a great job with it. I won a Jillee Willee case, which is so cute! Stephen and Emma won the Mr. and Mrs. Halloween prize. You can see why. These pictures don't do justice (my camera was set wrong I think, I don't know why these pics are so blurry!!!) they looked like they came right off the movie set of Grease. With a little alteration in the story, since Sandy was 8 months pregnant! We also went to Carson's 2nd birthday party last week, on Thursday. Mary made the adorable train Birthday cake. There was a clown there, painting these awesome faces on the kids! We also went to the Pumpkin walk in Logan with Beck, Erick and kids and Stephen and Emma. Lots of fall fun!